What Type of Electric Fireplace is Right for You?

The growing popularity in electric fireplaces is due in large part to the variety of forms and applications they can come in. Not bound by the safety regulations of a wood burning or pellet hearth and free of the complex installation of a gas fireplace, electric fireplace brands are becoming increasingly inventive in the ways they allow their customers to incorporate a unit into their home. While you can get creative with how you style your fireplace and nothing is set in stone, there are some general guidelines to picking out the correct…Read more

Fireside Beats: Summer Nights Playlist

It's starting to feel like summer and with the change in weather comes beautiful nights gathered around a fire. We've pulled together a cheeky mix of fifteen, fireplace-themed songs to create a perfect summer ambience! We couldn't help but throw some "electric" in there too :P. Whether you're outside or in your living room, a little music is the perfect addition to any setting. By the way, if you don't have Spotify, it's free to sign-up. You can listen online or download the application here! This isn't an ad for them, they just make it very easy…Read more

What to Look for in a Good Electric Fireplace

What should you look for in a good electric fireplace? You might be converting a wood or gas-burning opening into an electric hearth. Or perhaps you’re exploring fireplaces for the first time and have decided to go the electric route. Either way, this blog post will present you with some general tips and tricks for picking out the ideal electric fireplace. It suits your need. Once you figure out, if what you need is an insert, a stove, or wall mount unit, it is crucial that you double check dimensions! Having been in…Read more

How to Style the 23″ Round Wall Mount

With its 23" diameter, our Round Wall Mount fireplaces are perfect as single accent pieces or used in multiples to create a stronger visual statement. Available in a true red, vibrant orange, and chic grey, there are endless possibilities for combinations and arrangements. Made with the interior designer or DIY home decorator in mind, our round electric fireplace series does not include a heater function, so safety is not a concern. Fill that wall up with color and ambience, no hesitation! Here are some ways you could style our 23" Round Modular Wall Mount Fireplace:…Read more

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Hey folks! If you've enjoyed our website and have found your way onto our blog, check out our multiple social media accounts as well. We're a friendly, social bunch and would love you to join our different online communities in order to share products and images you've loved, talk about creative applications, give feedback, as well as keep in touch with us! You can find us on: Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn Pinterest Find our latest news updates, share our content with your friends, and keep our community growing! We can't wait to meet…Read more

Find Your Comfort Zone

Adorning your home with the beautiful ambience and warmth of a great electric fireplace is one of many ways to make your living space the ultimate comfort zone. Here we present you with a few other great additions to keep you both comfortable and healthy. Humidifiers Having a humidifier in your living space provides a slew of great benefits. A safe, easy to use ultrasonic cool mist humidifier with anion generation can help to both add moisture into the air you breathe as well as purify it. Here are 5 benefits you may have…Read more

5 Interior Design Trends to Try in 2015

(Interior styled by Emily Henson, London)  1. Mixing It Up / Contrast This is the year to ditch the rules and get experimental. People are encouraged to put their personality out there and mix the old with the new, the smooth with textured, and lights with darks. Make a space your own, and reinterpret classic pieces in your home by juxtaposing against a industrial chic or contemporary setting. When it comes to colors, anything goes. Mix neutrals with brights and create contrasts for an exciting, and interesting interior. This year, creativity is encouraged. Pantone’s color…Read more

An Introduction to Electric Fireplaces

Almost everybody loves the feeling they get while sitting around a cozy fireplace. From the crackling of the embers and the warmth of the flames to holiday occasions and stories told around the hearth–fireplaces are a tradition in the American lifestyle. However, while fireplaces are beautiful additions to any home, the maintenance and cost required to maintain a traditional fireplace can quickly become a headache. Moreover, some homeowners and apartment-dwellers may cringe at the expense of installing a fireplace from scratch, which can run as high as $7,000, depending on the type. As…Read more