Types of Electric Fireplaces

The growing popularity in electric fireplaces is due in large part to the variety of forms and applications they can come in. Not bound by the safety regulations of a wood burning or pellet hearth and free of the complex installation of a gas fireplace, electric fireplace brands are becoming increasingly inventive in the ways they allow their customers to incorporate a unit into their home.

While you can get creative with how you style your fireplace and nothing is set in stone, there are some general guidelines to picking out the correct TYPE of electric fireplace for your use – especially if you’re new to the flame game.

There are typically two kinds of units we refer to in the industry as inserts. We’ve got our firebox inserts and log set inserts. Their general uses are both to convert an existing wood burning or gas fireplace opening to an electric one. This conversion means a lot less maintenance, easier clean up, no need to purchase wood/fuel, as well as the ability to now use your hearth without heat.

Log set inserts are typically a free standing, glowing ember log set that either casts flames onto its nearest back wall or onto a small attached back panel. Innovative units like Dimplex’s Opti-myst manage to even create realistic 3D flames using mist and strategic lighting. Frameless, this type of insert is flexible to work in almost any size opening and eliminates concerns of making sure the unit matches with your mantel dimensions. Plus, they’re super easy to install. Plop it on the ground and plug it in!

Firebox inserts are a bit more restricting in that you must find a unit that fits the dimension of your opening. Typically minimal in form, the insert leaves the customer with the flexibility to choose whatever style mantel they like and is suitable for their home. Our Sleek 33” Insert can also be fitted into an entertainment unit and is safe to use underneath a TV. Some firebox inserts though, come with a bolder frame, like our Contemporary Insert, and look beautiful built into a wall or wall panel.

Wall Mounts
Wall mounts are almost exclusive to electric fireplaces, making them a very modern choice. Without the safety concerns of a real fire, electric fireplace brands have been given tons of creative freedom in choosing the shapes, sizes, and materials of their wall mounts. In the home, wall mounts can act as a statement wall piece. Typically hung around eye-level, like a painting, they not only heat but also serve as art and décor. Wall mounts are ideal for small living spaces, especially condos, as they take up no floor space and are incredibly easy to install. They typically hang on a bracket that’s mounted to the wall (kind of similar to a flat-screen TV) or can be built into the wall for that extra finesse.

Even more than wall mounts, stoves are available in a variety of sizes, looks and styles. From traditional, to retro, to modern sleek, you name it. Stoves are normally favored for their portable and compact nature, so if you’re someone who doesn’t want to turn on your house’s heating, you can instead, easily move around an electric stove to whichever room you’re currently in. You can even find really small ones perfect for a dorm room or office, like our Mini Retro Stove, which function like personal heaters, except they look way cuter! Units like our Cozy Corner Stove also make efficient use of the empty corners in your home.

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